Space Uicorn is an AMAZING creature.

This is where he first appeared<-------

Space Unicorn is crazy cool romantic comedy random super mystery movie..wait-what!!?!! Oh ummm Space Unicorn may even have mixed gender because in the videoit is shown as a dude AND A GIRL!!!OMG I KNOW! Space Unicorn has its own song...........(song written by Parry Gripp)

Space Unicorn (song)Edit

thumb|300px|right|By Parry Gripp I TAKE NO CREDIT MAN!!


Space Unicorn!

Soaring through the Stars!

Delivering the Rain-bows all around the worrrlllldd....

*drum beat* Space Unicorn!

Shining in the Night!

Smiles and hugs for-ev-er all arounnd the worrrrlllllldd--

So pure - of - heeeaaaarrt

And strong of ____!

So true of aim with his marshmallow laaaserrr

marshmallow laaaaasserrrr

*constant catchy beeping beat*

Space Unicorn!

Soaring throughthe stars!*

Delivering the rain-bows....All around the wooooooooooorrrrrrrllllllld...........................

*backround* Delivering the rain-bows(x5) all around the woooo-oorld..

All around the wooo-oorld(x3)

*catchy beeping then BAM!*


The Space Unicorn has over 100 apperances as shown in the video which is really nutsos...!!! The Space Unicorn may be mixed gender because in the video IT is shown as a dude AND A girl.(said above)

Any way,Isnt the space unicorn SOOOOO NARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^.^ i know i know..