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  • I live in In the land of Milk and Honey. Wanna come!?
  • I was born on June 22
  • My occupation is Shhhh......That's a secret  ;)
  • I am a Knucklehead Mcspazatron.
  • Emocupcake01

    All about me.

    March 4, 2012 by Emocupcake01
    • This all about me....
    • Name : Pagie
    • Age : Not telling
    • Fave food : Cupcakes, Tacos, & Smooties :)
    • Nicknames: Precious (ugh) the werid one, Spaz
    • Fave singigers/ Bands : forever the sickest kids, Katy perry, Lady gaga, The cad, the academy is, Bullet for my valentine, All time low, Paramore, Gym class heros, Panic! at the disco, Selena Gomez, Bruno mars, Ect..
    • Fave movies : 2 many...
    • Fave books : The hunger games, Holes, & Coraline, Bleach, Naruto, & One pieace seires.
    • Where i live : New york
    • Fave tv shows : Adventure time, Degrassi, Family guy, EHC, Naruto
    • So uhm,,,Thats basicly it...BYE ,MY LOVES!
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  • Emocupcake01

    come on tell me.

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  • Emocupcake01

    i need to call 911 cuz im so happy that i have my own wiki !!!! i think my heart just stoped ....... hold on im good OMG OMG OMG OMG im just so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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